Welcome to the feast of fools. Please leave your inhibitions at the door. Golly Gee Wilikers do we have a fun night prepared for you.


Disco Dancing? Art? Beverages? Food? Excess? Consumption? Gleaning the Mechanical Fields of the City? Exploitation? Gratuitous Decadence? Maybe No? Empty? Renaissance? Actually Caring? Having a Nice Time? Let's See?




Jean Ocidio (jeanocide_)

Grace Small (monikerlewinski)

Alexandra Loveless (nicemover)




Dani Nowokunska (dnwk_)

Alex Minyailo (cherry_fluoride)

Alexandra Loveless (nicemover)

Rosie McLellan Gearty (deathbitebaby)




Ecofeminist Libra Warriors Dani and Rosie will be collecting for a food bank in congruence with our food theme so please bring non-perishable goods to donate. All food used in the installation and performances will be ethically sourced to eliminate wastage.









NICE MOVER at VFD 06/10/17

Celebrating the launch of our new cinema season Introduction to Queer Cinema, at 21:00pm we show the 1919 film Different from the Others. DJ sets to follow until late.


NICE MOVER at Dalston Superstores - 23/11/17

We flood the venue with projections of lesbian iconography from the avant-garde film to contemporary celesbians, as well as NICE MOVER DJs playing the best disco and pop.


NICE MOVER presents About Honey - 02/12/17

About Honey celebrate the launch of their highly anticipated zine on lesbian culture from then until now. Featuring classical NICE MOVER decor and DJs.


NICE MOVE'S Ode to Blue - 27/01/18

A night celebrating Derek Jarman's 1993 film Blue with decor to match, DJs throughout the night.


NICE MOVER: Artefacts - 24/02/18

Building an interactive installation in the club with performances from RattyByeBye and Cherry_Fluoride as well as DJs throughout the night.